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A Country filled with Great Massage Therapists

In the UK, whether you are walking by Charring Cross in London, or on the streets of Mount Florida in Scotland, chances are that you will find some of the best massage clinics in the world. If you want to test this affirmation, you can start by visiting the one of the Glasgow City Centre clinics, where you can ask for a Swedish massage. You will leave feeling absolutely peaceful and stress-free. That is because professional massage therapists around the country provide top-notch services that make sure your worries drift away, leaving you calm and clear headed.

What is the Technique used in a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage is provided through a combination of long, flowing strokes, kneading, friction and tapping motions. To do so, the therapist uses his hands, forearm or elbows, in order to apply pressure and manipulate the muscles through the aforementioned gestures. The room in which the treatment is provided is usually lit only by candles, since these massages are meant to be relaxing. They can be offered in a spa, a clinic or at a private massage therapist studio.

What is the Purpose of a Swedish Massage?

The main goal of a Swedish massage is to promote relaxation and relieve muscle tension on the whole body. Most people choose this type of massage, so that not only the body benefits from it, but also the mind, as it is meant to soothe the anxiety and to relieve people from their daily stress. It also looks to ease special pain or tension or to heal the body from various ailments that it may have.

What are the Benefits of a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage offers several benefits to people that enjoy them. They include: Reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, increased flexibility and range of motion, as well as enhanced mental relaxation. Its main quality is that it serves to improve the overall well-being of the person receiving it. Once a patient leaves a massage therapy session, they will feel the benefits immediately.

What Can We Expect to Find During a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage often involves the use of oils. It is utilized to facilitate smooth movements and to prevent friction on the skin, but not only. The massage therapist applies essential oils to a person in order to use aroma therapy as well, which helps relax both the body and mind of the person receiving the treatment. During the course of a Swedish massage, clients are usually undressed partially or completely, covered with either a sheet or towel for privacy and warmth.

What Else Is There to Know about Swedish Massage therapy?

A Swedish massage is performed by a licensed massage therapist who has formal training in massage therapy. During years of study, massage therapists learn about human anatomy and physiology. That is what enables them to ensure safe and effective treatment of clients. Therefore, a client should make sure that the massage therapist of their choice possesses a licence before starting the massage.


During a Swedish massage, it's essential to communicate with the therapist. Specify the pressure you prefer and which areas need extra attention. It is also vital that any unease or distress should be reported right away.

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