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Massage and Talk

Our Massage and Talk combines the relaxing, healing effects of massage therapy, with the benefits of talk therapy to treat depression and anxiety, and help process trauma. With the help of a trained professional, this service offers you a safe space to talk about your thoughts and feelings, delving into any problems which may be bothering you, and helping you to find solutions and coping strategies, whilst keeping you calm and relaxed.

Massage and Talk Therapy

Benefit of Massage and Talk

Talk therapy and massage therapy are both therapies which have been proven to provide great benefits to the individuals who use them. Together, their beneficial effects are even greater. Many people may feel anxious about engaging with talk therapy, as they worry that opening up to a stranger might be challenging. However, with this service, the act of engaging in the massage therapy helps you become relaxed and feel present in the moment, relieving these anxieties and putting you in the right headspace to discuss your thoughts and feelings. The combination of massage and talk therapy improves self-realisation, helping you feel more grounded and in tune with your emotions.

Treatment procedures :

Engaging in massage and talk will typically involve you engaging in regular sessions, usually a minimum of 6, but can go on for several months or years. Sessions may last for up to an hour, although this is dependent on yourself and your therapist. Therapy is a collaboration between you and your therapist, and timings are always negotiable and need to suit you and your needs.

You will start a usual session with a gentle massage to relax your muscles and your mind, before being prompted to share what is going on for you in that moment. The treatment will not follow a structured format; rather it will be guided by what you wish to share, and the therapist’s insights into that. Over time, sharing your thoughts and feelings in this way will become more natural, and you will feel more comfortable with how therapy works for you.

Caution and Concerns :

This type of massage treatment involves a great deal of trust in your therapist, with both your body and your mind. For it to be most effective, you have to be willing to be open and honest about your feelings and your challenges with your therapist. At times this may be difficult, and bring up strong emotions, but going through this is all part of the healing process for you. Therapy can be a long process and requires you to be committed at all times. You will develop a strong therapeutic relationship with your therapist, but there will still be strict boundaries in place, for protection of both you and your therapist. Contact should not be made with your therapist outside of the therapy session. Whilst you will discuss personal matters with your therapist, their relationship to you is still very much professional, and conducted within work hours. At any point, if any physical or emotional boundaries are crossed, such as attempting to engage in a romantic or sexual relationship, the therapy will be ended.

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