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Stop for a Thai Massage as you tour Glasgow

You can find clinics offering Thai massages in Glasgow on TripAdvisor. If you need your body to be stretched, after a long day of visiting locations such as the Britannia panopticon music hall or stopping by the Glasgow Police Museum, you can opt for such a massage, which is known for its deep and rhythmic pressure, as well as its ability to increase flexibility, relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. Thai massage is widely appreciated for its therapeutic benefits, offering a unique and holistic approach to healing and relaxation and it will work wonders on bodies of tourists who have been walking long hours, visiting the City of Glasgow.

Thai massage is a traditional massage that originated in Thailand. It involves a combination of techniques that include stretching, acupressure, rhythmic compression and joint mobilization. According to the therapist that you will visit, the stretching can be more or less intense. You can also interact with the therapist to advise if the movements being acted upon on you are too strong or not sufficiently. To do these massages, a therapist may use many parts of the body, namely the hands, elbows, feet and also the knees to apply pressure to various points on the body. 

Its aim is to balance the body's energy and to improve the overall physical and mental well-being. In fact, this is why so many people enjoy this type of massage over others. Once they leave the spa or the clinic, they feel refreshed and ready to return back to their busy days. Although it is quite intense, Thaï massages do alleviate stress. It should also be noted that they improve flexibility and relieve muscle tension extremely well.

How does a Thai Massage Session Work?

As we have mentioned it already, a Thaï massage is different from most others. For example, when you take place inside the room and get ready for the massage, you don’t have to shed your clothes. And if you do, it will be to wear something more comfortable. Massage therapists often offer the possibility to change into something loose-fitting when their clients arrive. However, you can also go there wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, which will do just fine. 

When a Thaï massage starts, it usually initiates with a series of soft stretching. It is followed by rhythmic compression and acupressure technique. It is possible that more intense stretching movements can follow, later on. The goal is to release the tension inside the body and to improve flexibility. 

Depending on the therapist, a Thai massage may also incorporate breathing exercises and guided meditation to promote relaxation. However, the main benefits of this type of massage are increased circulation and flexibility as well as improved energy levels. After the session has finished, overall stress should be significantly reduced.


In conclusion, Thai massage is a unique and effective therapeutic practice that offers a holistic approach to healing and relaxation. With its combination of acupressure, stretching, and assisted yoga postures, it has become a popular and highly appreciated practice all over the world.

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