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The City of Glasgow is home to many spas, wellness centers, and massage clinics that specialize in different types of massage treatments, such as aromatherapy massage. This type of massage includes the use of essential oils to augment its therapeutic benefits. Below, readers can learn more about how aromatherapy is used in massages and the techniques utilized by establishments in the city.

Aromatherapy Massage

The Union of Massages and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is often used in combination with massage therapy to enhance the healing properties of the latter. Essential oils being very potent, they are usually diluted inside another oil, such as jojoba or almond, before being massaged into the skin. These oils penetrate quickly to help reduce physical tension and soothe the mind from the daily stress and the anxiety that it creates.

Different aromatherapy massage essential oils have different therapeutic properties. For example, lavender oil is used to induce relaxation, while peppermint oil relieves muscle tension and headaches. Massage therapists also use eucalyptus oil to help patients breathe better. Globally, combining aromatherapy to massage therapy offers a deeply relaxing and reenergizing experience for the body and the mind.

Massage Techniques that use Aromatherapy in Glasgow

The City of Glasgow offers numerous massage styles with aromatherapy incorporated. They are a widely sought-after service all around the area, and customers can look up reviews for each place that offer these therapies. If you want to make someone else happy, or yourself too, you can always purchase gift vouchers.

The most common techniques are Swedish massage as well as hot oil massage and Thai massage. It is the best choice to reduce stress. When combined with aromatherapy, the essential oils that are most popular are the soothing ones, such as lavender or chamomile. An hour aromatherapy massage with this particular technique will relax anyone, no matter how stressful their daily lives may be. 


Deep tissue massages can really benefit from the addition of essential oils. Since this massage technique targets deeper layers of muscle tissue, the use of essential oils will help them to relax, during and after the session. They are often used while doing the neck and shoulder massage, parts of the body that tend to accumulate more stress than the rest.


Aromatherapy is also very effective in reflexology. This other massage technique involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands, in order to promote healing and relaxation in other areas of the body. It is an ancient technique that is still the most popular one in China. In such cases, the essential oils are used on the feet to enhance the massage experience and to improve relaxation. You should be aware that a foot massage can be very painful, though it does miracles to your body afterwards.

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