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Reiki Healing is a practice that uses the hands of the practitioner to direct energy into the client. This energy balancing therapy was first developed in Japan and is meant to relax the individual and aid in healing. The purpose of Reiki healing is to reduce stress levels while promoting physical and emotional well-being. 


You can find these healing energy massages in Glasgow. The therapist that offers it was trained on two concepts: Universal life force (Rei in Japanese) and energy (Ki). Therapists practicing Reiki Healing commonly believe in a universal life force energy flowing through all living things. In order to aid healing, practitioners direct a special kind of energy into the person by placing their hands on or near the person's body and channelling it through them. This energy not only helps restore physical balance and harmony but can also lend itself to mental and spiritual wholeness.

What goes on Inside a Reiki Healing Session?

Although there isn’t much scientific evidence on the benefit of Reiki healing, those who attend sessions regularly all say that they have seen an improvement in their physical and mental conditions, after each session. They have confirmed feeling a sensation of warmth, tingling and/or vibrations in their body, as the hands of the practitioners were moved around. They also mentioned, in many cases, that they felt deeply relaxed and at peace after the treatment.

The healing sessions typically take one and a half hours. The client may recline or sit, depending on the preference of the practitioner and the individual's comfort level. Upon settling in, the healer will place his hands on or near different parts of the client’s body. Afterward, many people report feeling a difference in physical and emotional symptoms, which explains why people keep coming back for more treatments. This kind of therapy is increasingly becoming popular in Scotland due to its positive reviews.

What does Reiki Healing accomplishes?

The main purpose of Reiki is to help people to relax and relieve stress and anxiety. When the practitioner uses hands to channel the energy, it produces a feeling of serenity that helps to bring peace to the person. Afterward, a large number of additional positive effects on the individual's physical and mental health will be felt.

Reduces Pain

When visiting a treatment center, the main objective of the session is to reduce physical pain and discomfort. If there are any other health problems that the client is presenting, they too will be addressed in an attempt to better manage symptoms. At the end of the Reiki healing session, clients should feel much improved with their body pain being alleviated, thanks to the energy balancing that took place.

Raises the Emotional Wellbeing

Reiki healing focuses on both the physical and emotional components of a person. It seeks to find balance in the body, but also within the mind. In order to restore emotional wellbeing, it works to reduce stress and anxiety in the individual being treated. Reiki has similarities with other holistically based therapies, such as meditation and mindfulness, with their shared ultimate goals of attaining complete calmness and total relaxation.

Helping the Body to heal

The Reiki healing process is one that helps to bring harmony and balance to the body and mind, while also helping with physical ailments. During a session, the practitioner will use their hands to direct energy to different parts of the body. This energy has been described as feeling similar to warmth, electricity, or vibrations in some cases. The practitioner is able to adjust the intensity of these energies depending on what needs to be achieved.

Spiritual Growth

Finally, a major goal of Reiki healing is to help the client grow spiritually. To achieve this, it's important for them to comprehend and bond with their innermost being. By tapping into their own spiritual power, they can become more rooted, balanced, and connected to themselves as well as nature that surrounds them.

Reiki healing has been used for centuries for its many benefits, with many people reporting an improvement in their physical wellbeing as well as an overall feeling of contentment after receiving a session. Whether a person is looking for relief from physical pain or emotional distress, Reiki healing can be a worthwhile option when looking for alternative forms of therapy.

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